Honor Your Vet for Helping Your Pet
• Minimum $10 donation

Special Gifts
• $15 each

Pet Memorials
• $15 each

Sympathy Cards
• Set of 10: $30

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Want to support OAHF's vision of ensuring a brighter future for animals? Your tax-deductible donation supports a variety of projects — including dangerous and wild animal care and relocation, food animal housing research, supporting animal shelters, and addressing the problem of unwanted horses.


Sympathy Cards

Show your clients your thoughts are with them when they lose a pet. OAHF Sympathy Cards are a simple yet thoughtful way to comfort a client and honor their beloved pet. With a donation of $30, OAHF will send you a set of ten elegant sympathy cards to show your clients you care and understand what they are experiencing.

Outside Message:

Animals are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. —Roger Caras

Inside Message:

May loving memories comfort you during this difficult time.

To honor the memory of your beloved pet, we have made a contribution to the Ohio Animal Health Foundation.

Please accept our heartfelt sympathy.


Special Gifts & Pet Memorial Letters

Have any of your patients done something unique or reminded you of why you chose this profession? Show them your appreciation with a Special Gift from OAHF. With your $15 donation, OAHF will send a special letter to help you recognize a special client, patient or other individual. Or, if you know someone who recently lost a pet, comfort them with a Pet Memorial from OAHF. With a $15 donation, OAHF will send a memorial letter to the individual.

Funds are used to support the Foundation's commitment to improving the length and quality of life for companion animals.


OAHF Donation

A donation to the Special Gifts & Memorial Fund of the Ohio Animal Health Foundation serves as an expression of understanding and compassion, and recognizes the loving relationship we share with our companion animals. Your donation helps OAHF fulfill their goal of ensuring a brighter future for animals. Funds are used to further veterinary knowledge in the never-ending battle against disease through research, education and service programs.