At OAHF, we envision a brighter future for animals.

The Ohio Animal Health Foundation focuses on finding solutions to the problems animals and their caregivers face. A non-profit organization that is affiliated with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, OAHF’s vision is to improve the future of animal health.

Recognizing that animal welfare concerns have a direct impact on society, OAHF strives to find ways to foster the unique human-animal bond. Through the efforts of Ohio veterinarians and funds provided by animal lovers statewide, OAHF is able to support educational, scientific research and service programs that enable animal care professionals to better serve people and the animals in their lives.

The Foundation also recognizes that animals play a special role in people’s lives and losing a pet can be a terrible experience. The Sympathy Card Program is one way the veterinary community supports individuals who have recently lost a pet. The Special Gifts & Memorial Fund provides comforting letters for veterinary clients whose animals have recently recovered from an illness or injury. 

Other sources, such as the annual Fore Animals Classic, also provide resources for vital animal welfare programs and research projects nationwide. OAHF is or has been actively involved in the Pet Hospice Program at Colorado State University, Hurricane Katrina Relief, Project Noah, United Coalition for Animals Spay/Neuter Clinic, the Shelter Animal track at the Midwest Veterinary Conference, and veterinary research projects at universities across the country.

Ensure a brighter future for animals by supporting 
research projects and educational outreach: