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OAHF Grant Guidelines

  • The grant proposal must explain how it will improve or promote the health and general welfare of the animal population.
  • Only grant applications that have been submitted a minimum of 10 days before the Foundation Board meeting shall be considered at such meeting.
    • Next submission deadline: Submit proposals for the next board meeting by June 10, 2024.
  • The proposal, exclusive of the abstract, should be no more than eight pages. The proposal should consist of:
    • An abstract of the proposal of no more than one page.
    • An introduction and statement of objectives, materials and methods; to include as relevant the animals, source of animals and disposition of animals (if applicable) on completion
    • Proposed relevant grant dates, with delineation of estimated significant interim dates.
    • A representation as to whether the grant applicant is a tax exempt entity, and if so, under what provision of the Internal Revenue Code such exemption exists.
    • A representation that the grant applicant has no conflict of interest that will prevent it from conducting the grant proposal in an objective, ethical manner.
    • The name, title, address and phone number of a person of authority who will be primarily responsible for the conduct of the grant.
    • A representation that the grant application has been authorized in accordance with the applicant’s governing documents, if applicable.
  • The grant applicant will provide the Ohio Animal Health Foundation with a proposal either via U.S. mail (sent to 1472 Manning Parkway, Powell Ohio 43065) or a digital copy (preferably in PDF format) to
  • The Ohio Animal Health Foundation strongly considers the humane care and treatment of animals involved in all grant projects. All facilities and personnel involved in the grant must comply with federal and state laws governing the proper, humane care of animals.
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) of the person of authority as well as the Principal Researcher, where applicable, not to exceed two pages shall be submitted as part of the application. The application should also list Co-Principal Researchers if applicable and include a one-page CV for each.
  • A total budget identifying all overhead and indirect costs and capital expenditures related to completing the grant shall be submitted as part of the application. No more than 10 percent of the grant amount requested and/or awarded may be used for indirect costs.
  • In the event the grant cannot be completed as outlined in the original proposal, the person of authority will notify the Foundation in writing. Any remaining grant monies will be returned to the Ohio Animal Health Foundation with itemization of expenditures.
  • Conclusions and clinical research where applicable shall be presented to the Ohio Animal Health Foundation upon completion of the grant. This documentation will be examined and, at the Foundation's option, published in the Foundation newsletter. Any publication of the grant activities and results will list the Ohio Animal Health Foundation within the credits as a funding source.